Yahoo mail phone contacts not syncing with iPhone iOS11

Many iPhone 6/7 and iPhone X/8 users on iOS 11 are facing issue with syncing Yahoo contacts. The yahoo contacts are not syncing to iPhone after upgrade to iOS11. Even on recently purchased new iPhone and added Yahoo account to the iPhone Mail app but for some reason Yahoo contacts are not syncing with the iPhone. Users have tried deleting and re-adding the account and still not getting most of contacts, While on web through computer and see all contacts but not on my iPhone.

The issue occurred when users faced a mail server errors or Yahoo mail not updating issue and tried to re-add the account to iPhone. But once the user have deleted the email, and tried to re add, but it wouldn’t. Restarting and hard reset does not seems to fix the issue.

Yahoo support responded to this issue without any hint about the fix:

This is a current known issue. Engineering is aware and currently working on a resolution for all affected devices. 

How to fix Yahoo contacts are not synching in iPhone(iOS11)

In case you want to get your contact in your iPhone urgently you can bring all contact to iPhone by first transferring your yahoo contact to gmail account and from there to iPhone contacts.

Step to import contact from yahoo:

  1. In Yahoo Contacts, go to ACTION pulldown and select EXPORT.
  2. Select YAHOO CSV radio button – after a few seconds, file will automatically download.
  3. Open Gmail.  if you are using the new version of Gmail, do these steps first:
    1. scroll down left panel and click MORE
    2. Click IMPORT
    3. Click CSV or vCARD file (I first tried Yahoo Mail and it didn’t work)
    4. Select “GO TO OLD VERSION”
  4. Now you are in the old version of Gmail
  5. Click MORE pulldown at top
  6. Click IMPORT
  7. Click CHOOSE FILE and navigate to your Yahoo CSV file
  8. Click IMPORT
  9. Done! After that just add the gmail account to your phone and all your contacts will show up. It may takesa few minutes for contacts to show up in iPhone but it works.

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