The Never-Ending Bespeak For The Perfect Map

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For the finally decade we’ve obsessed over edifice neat maps for our users—maps that are totally comprehensive (we’re shooting for literally the whole world), e’er to a greater extent than accurate as well as incredibly slow to navigate.

It’s a pretty express search engine that solely draws from a subset of sources. In the same way, it’s non much of a map that leaves yous stranded the instant yous footstep off the highway or see a novel country. Over the finally few years we’ve been edifice a comprehensive base of operations map of the entire globe—based on world as well as commercial data, imagery from every flat (satellite, aerial as well as street level) as well as the collective cognition of our millions of users.

Today, we’re taking around other footstep forrad alongside our Street View Trekker. You’ve seen our cars, trikes, snowmobiles as well as trolleys—but wheels solely larn yous as well as hence far. There’s a whole wilderness out at that spot that is solely accessible past times foot. Trekker solves that occupation past times enabling us to photograph beautiful places such equally the Grand Canyon as well as hence anyone tin explore them. All the equipment fits inwards this i backpack, as well as we’ve already taken it out on the slopes.

Luc Vincent, engineering director, taking the
Street View Trekker for a lawsuit run inwards Tahoe

The side past times side attribute map makers obsess over is accuracy. We all the same possess got a way to become because the the world is constantly changing—with novel houses, cities as well as parks appearing all the time—it’s a never ending job. But past times cross-checking the information nosotros have, nosotros tin significantly improve the accuracy of our maps. Turns out our users are equally passionate close the character of Google Maps equally nosotros are, as well as they give us neat feedback on where nosotros tin practise better. We brand thousands of edits a twenty-four hr menses based on user feedback through our Report a Problem tool as well as via Map Maker, which nosotros launched inwards 2008. Today we’re announcing the expansion of Map Maker to South Africa as well as Egypt, as well as to 10 to a greater extent than countries inwards the side past times side few weeks: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Kingdom of Norway as well as Switzerland.

The terminal chemical cistron of the perfect map is usability. It’s difficult to recall what digital maps were similar earlier indoor maps to eating seat reviews.

People possess got been squall for for the mightiness to purpose our maps offline on their mobile phones. So today we’re announcing that offline Google Maps for Android are coming inwards the side past times side few weeks. Users volition hold upwards able to accept maps offline from to a greater extent than than 100 countries. This agency that the side past times side fourth dimension yous are on the subway, or don’t possess got a information connection, yous tin all the same purpose our maps.

The side past times side dimension
An of import side past times side footstep inwards improving all of these areas—comprehensiveness, accuracy as well as usability of our maps—is the mightiness to model the the world inwards 3D. Since 2006, we’ve had textured 3D buildings inwards 45-degree aerial imagery. By the terminate of the twelvemonth nosotros aim to possess got 3D coverage for metropolitan areas alongside a combined population of 300 i chiliad m people.

I possess got been working on mapping engineering most of my life. We’ve made to a greater extent than progress, to a greater extent than speedily equally an manufacture than I e’er imagined possible. And nosotros facial expression excogitation to speed upwards fifty-fifty to a greater extent than over the side past times side few years. While nosotros may never create the perfect map… we’re going to larn much, much closer than nosotros are today.


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