How To Remove Paper Jamming In HP Laser Printer?

HP printers work on latest printing technology to print necessary and important documents in different formats. They give the best quality prints and run smoothly without any technical error. However, paper jamming is very serious technical error which creates technical problems for end users. And paper jamming like error trap paper that offers an irregular printing and obscuring of images. At this time period, HP printer will prevent working and you can get the message or light blinks inform you that there may be paper jamming errors.

Remove Paper Jamming In HP Laser Printer

Step 1:- Search HP printer user guide to read the handbook technical guidelines. This user guide contains all necessary and important information and guidelines to resolve paper jamming issues along with HP printer. However, if you do not have user manual, you need to follow some important tips given below:-

Step 2:- Primarily, you need to turn off your hp printer and find the place where paper stuck, this is near fusers but wait till it becomes at normal touching temperature because it becomes heat while in use.

Step 3:-Now, you need to open HP printer door to access the paper. Open the door just by pulling it and slide the tray that give you clear sight of paper jamming area from where you can pull out the papers. If you get any technical error regarding this step, you must call at toll free HP Technical Support Phone Number 1-888-614-1214 to get online expert help.

Step 4:– Now, check the paper that is stuck inside the printer, when you open it you can see the jammed papers visibly. After pulling the main paper again and again for any small piece of paper inside the tray, Fuser, toner cartridge and any other place where there is probability of paper jamming.

Step 5:-Take hold of button on the cartridge and slowly pull it out that will permit you to give a view at any paper that congested around it. Change the cartridge when you removed the papers and make sure that no more any option of paper is jammed of it.

Step 6:- Eliminate the paper sheet that is jammed inside the HP printer, easily cling the paper and pull out of the laser printer. While eliminating the paper always tries to pull it in the same direction where printing rotates, pulling is the reverse direction that can affect the innovative functionality of HP laser printer.

Step 7:- Finally, you can close the cover of HP printer and turn on it again. Most of the laser printer features start automatically and now you can print the necessary documents with your HP laser printer. For any technical query, call at toll free HP Technical Support Help Number 1-888-614-1214 to get instant help.