Remove chromesearch .club malware from Google Chrome [Working Fix]

Google Chrome get infected by many virus or Trojan even the malware can get installed without your knowledge. One new malware that is affected Google chrome is which will capture the address bar of your Google chrome and direct searches made from the address bar would be directed through  eg below is sample search that is intermididate and caused by malware

This can be risky for your chrome and also the searches you make can easily be tracked and stored by hackers using this malware. It is always recommended to get rid of such viruses and malwares. To remove this virus users often makes mistakes by downloading unknown publishers anti viruses, which in fact it self contains many hidden virus and similar virus.

To remove from your chrome address bar search result it is recommended to follow these steps:

1.      Open Google Chrome

2.     Go to settings by clicking at top right corner three dots

3.     Click on “Manage search engines”

4.     You can directly type chrome://settings/searchEngines to open settings

5.     Now you should find chromesearch as default search engine.

6.     Replace it by changing default search engine to Google.

Please not is very likely that you may not be able to select any other search engine as the virus may have updated Chrome policy. 

If you are not able to change default search engine in Chrome Please follow the steps:

1. Download Chrome policy remover.
2 Right click on downloaded file and click on Run as administrator
This should update all chrome policy setting and you should be able to change default search engine now

Hope this helps to remove chromesearch malware from your PC.

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