Meet The Bay Expanse Acquit On Challenge Winners

Ten days ago, voting opened for Google’s outset Bay Area Impact Challenge, as well as straightaway the tally is in. On the ballot? Ten amazing nonprofit proposals to brand a departure inwards our community.

Between May 22 as well as June 2, well-nigh 200,000 votes poured inwards (191,504 to last exact)—adjusted for population, that makes it the highest voter turnout we’ve had inwards a Challenge to date. Now we’re unveiling the winners. Each volition have $500,000 inwards funding as well as back upwards from Google:

  • Hack the Hood volition address digital equity past times preparation low-income youth to ready websites for local pocket-size businesses, actively supporting them to launch their ain tech careers.
  • Center for Employment Opportunities volition develop a tech platform to laid formerly incarcerated people for utilisation inwards a digital world.
  • The Health Trust will create novel distribution channels for people to larn affordable produce, expanding options for street vendors, corner stores, as well as farmers’ markets for underserved areas.
  • Bring me a mass will give kids access to digital books, inwards multiple languages, piece creating a supportive online community for parents as well as caregivers.

Hack the Hood celebrates their win amongst community advisor Reverend Cecil Williams

But everyone wins inwards this competition: The 6 remaining finalists volition each have $250,000, as well as nosotros besides gave an additional fifteen nonprofits around the Bay Area $100,000 each.

Finally, all 25 Google Impact Challenge nonprofits volition have i twelvemonth of accelerator back upwards at our first-ever touching lab, a co-working infinite launched inwards partnership amongst Impact Hub SF, a shared workspace for entrepreneurs committed to positive social as well as environmental change.

Nonprofits volition convey access to networking events, coming together space, as well as evolution workshops inwards the Impact Hub SF, every mo good every mo membership to all U.S. Hub locations. We besides conception to host community events for the Bay Area nonprofit community throughout the year—so banking venture check out our website or follow us on Google+ to remain inwards the loop.

Now the function actually begins, as well as we’re excited to proceed to ready on our ongoing efforts to give dorsum to the community.


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