iPhone X touchscreen ghost touch issue

iPhone X touchscreen ghost touch issue | Android Tips

Many iPhone X users are facing issue with touchscreen that touchscreen of the Phone as it looks like something is touching phones screen to operate. It can happen anytime with newly bought sets independent of external condition like temperature etc. iphone X where the screen is being touched by something, at that time phone is going crazy. Randomly dial something without touching it/open any app. Tried lock and unlock when it happens but does not help. 

Many users tried resetting to factory default and finds the issue still happens. It becomes very difficult to control the phones to operate at the moment.

Below is the Video while the iPhone X works automatically:

There are no updates from Apple on this and not yet confirmed touchscreen issue as hardware of software glitch as this is reported with latest iOS released ie iOS11.2.

Possible cause and workaround for the issue :

Defective display assembly, flex cable or pin damage and improper seating can all be causes of ghost touching in iPhone X.

This may happen because of static current which jumps from your body to phone screen through the metal body and generate false signals. This happens because of micro charged dirt which accumulates between screen and the metal body (this is my theory) thus creating a bridge and transferring the static charge to the screen.

To remove this possibility take cleaning solution, like alcohol and clean the phone screen (Make sure to switched OFF iPhone before doing these steps)

Also if possible take tooth pick and clean the micro gap between the metallic body and the glass screen. Better way try to attach tissue paper in front of pointed tooth pick tip and dip in the cleaning solution then clean the gap between.

If this does not fix the issue, this could be a hardware problem that needs to be looked at if it is not from static charge build up on the screen causing it . You can take it to a apple store or assessment and if you are still under warranty they should replace it

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