iPhone X side button response delay / lag issue, Fixed

iPhone X side button response delay / lag issue, Fixed | Android Tips

Many iPhone X users have complained about the side button of their device not working perfectly and one can easily observe lag/ slow in response after pressing side button of iPhone X.  iPhone X when power button pressed is malfunctioning. The most common situation regarding the problem occurs when iPhone X users presses the power button on the side to open their iPhone X yet it doesn’t respond instantly.

One user quote this issue as :

Sometimes when I press my side to turn the phone on it doesn’t work then I press it again and it brings up Apple Pay, does this delay happen to others too?”

Where many users finds it as issue but it seems that apple have intentionally put this in iPhone X as it think it’s because it waits a bit to see if you meant to activate Siri or Apple Pay.

If you don’t like this you may start tap to wake feature instead of using the side button.  However you may wish to always use side button to wake up/lock the device without any delay please follow below steps:

How to stop iPhone X power button lag after pressing side button:

Go to Settings -> Wallet & Apple Pay -> Disable Double Click Side Button

Maybe not a wise choice for those that frequently use apple pay, however for whom those rarely use it at physical retailers can be a good option.

Hopefully this help to stop iPhone X power button lag issue.

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