iPhone X callers cant hear me on calls , muffled sound issue

iPhone X callers cant hear me on calls , muffled sound issue | Android Tips

iPhone X call quality issues
iPhone X released with many advanced feature is also reported with many issues. One such issue is with is while on call other person can’t not hear voice from iPhone X. The other person called often report that the call volume/sound faint at times or they can’t hear me at all. The issue is reported as intermittent sometimes callers can hear fine sometimes not on a call. This becomes annoying as users have to yell  on call and all of a sudden the other users start to hear while yelling at them.

Other people report the audio to be very muffled and unclear from iPhone X. The quality is so poor that other side is unable to make out the words. Interestingly the issue does not happen when call is put on speaker.

The main use of a phone is to call people, it is pretty disappointing with iPhone x as this is very expensive phones to have such a basic call defect.

How to fix iPhone X poor call quality issue:

Fix 1: turn off noise cancellation         

Sometimes the iPhone is cancelling out background noise trying to be helpful when it is really cancelling out your voice. This sometimes seems to cancel your voice as thinking is noise. To Stop iPhone from doing so :


Scroll down to noise and turn off noise cancellation. Your new iPhone X should not see poor call sound issue again

Fix 2: Reset Network Settings

Sometimes such issues can be caused due to faulty network settings. To avoid such cases it is recommended to Reset Network Settings. Go to Setting ->General->Reset->Reset network settings.

Fix 3: cellular data options

In settings go to -> “cellular data options”->Check out your LTE in settings. Make sure it is set to data only, this may help users to fix the issue.

In case nothing is working for you, make a Genius Bar appointment at your nearest Apple Store and have it looked at.

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