iPhone X best accessories list with all details

iPhone  X is glass backed Apple first iPhone and it can be wirelessly without any cable. Qi is industry standard for wireless charging and Apple has also chose that for iPhone. Which gives lots of variety to chose among wireless chargers. We recommend to check out  SeneoWireless charger which is #1 best seller best Qi based wireless charger. You can also check out Apple optimized mophieWireless charger Pad with non-slip rubberized coating which makes it very useful product as many user complain that other wireless charges slips away iPhone X when it vibrates. If you want some luxiourious looking polished Aluminium wireless charger please check PondRipple classy portable Qi Wireless charger options.

iPhone X Camera accessories

The iPhone X has one of the best iPhone cameras and have two cameras on the back. First one is normal and the other one is telephoto for zooming in. Usually on other phones with dual camera, the second camera has a wide-angle lens instead of a telephoto. But if you want to change iPhone X camera to wide angle lense rather than telephoto, the high quality  and best rated product are offered by Moment and you can check them here at Moment widelense for iPhone X , you can checkout XenovoiPhone wide angle Camera which is also amazon bestselling product in this category.

Wireless speaker for iPhone X:

iPhone X lets you store millions of songs with its streaming service like spotify and Apple music. In case you tour and travel a lot with your friends and looking for some party music speaker option we recommend to shockproof and waterproof Ultimate ears- Boom 2 speaker wireless speaker having 15 hours battery life. But with little more budget you can go for Bose SoundLink.

Wireless headphones Bluetooth for iPhone X:

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