iPhone X/8/7/6 battery drain too fast after upgrade to iOS 11.4 [Fix]

iPhone X/8/7/6 battery drain too fast after upgrade to iOS 11.4 [Fix] | Android Tips

iOS 11.4 and iOS 11.3 is reported with poor battery life by many users who upgraded their iPhone to latest iOS 11.4. After update to iOS 11.4 battery is draining at an alarming rate. Battery life has been reduced by ~50% with iOS 11.4 within 30 minutes. The battery life is very poor in ios11.4 as the battery drain really fast on iPhone SE/ and iPhone 7. Even iPhone X and 8 are also reported with battery drain in the iOS 11.4 release. It is surprising that even with iOS 11.4 update, all of a sudden caused battery to drain at least 3-5x faster than ever before for some users. This is really annoying from apple that for every new iOS release the battery life becomes poor for many iPhone users. 

Almost all phones including iPhone x and iPhone 8/7/6 have been reported to get affected with poor battery with upgrade to iOS 11.4. And the battery drain is immense and consumption is too high by system. It’s like in 3 minutes users is losing 5% of battery.

How to fix battery drain in iOS 11.3 and iOS 11.4:

To save battery of iPhone first please check which app is actually consuming too much battery .Go to Settings > Battery. To see how long each app has been open and running in the background. If it is some third party app uninstall it and check the performance. Or

1. Hard Reset your iPhone :  For many users the iOS 11.4 battery drain is fixed by hard resetting the device.You should also try that.

2. Turn off Location service – Quite possible that iOS 11.4 upgrade has put some apps to stuck in loop and trying to access location causing too much battery drain. Turning off the location can fix the issue temporarily until Apple comes up with a fix.

3. Try Turning off data: As said earlier, there could be apps those could not be upgraded properly and causing battery drain.Some apps might try to use internet too much to work properly and causing this issue. Try turning off data and test he result.

4. Leave iPhone charged and internet connected:   Its normal behaviour after upgrade process initially. After installing, the system will need to re-index and it should settle after 24 hours. As iOs uses so much battery because it needs to upload Message to all iCloud so depending on your message history it could take a while.  Syncing/Downloading them on another device also takes a while. It’s best to leave it on charge overnight while it’s doing its thing and applying encryption. IPhone settings as this can be a potential battery consuming task to sync all data of your iPhone

5. Downgrade to previous version :If none of the above steps helps you and you desperately want to fix the issue, one working way to downgrade to earlier version of iOS that you were using ie iOS 11.3.1 and battery issue should be fixed now.

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