iPhone unable to update billing information and update/download free apps [FIX]

Many iPhone users are facing the issue while downloading or updating the installed apps that iPhone is not updating or downloading apps because of billing information. Surprisingly the issue is occurring for free apps as well. While you make to install or update an existing apps the iPhone tells that the purchase is declined. Even when you have money in your account you may still see this error message while updating apps in iPhone.  There is no clue that why iPhone is saying my method has been declined. 

iPhone will keep on asking to update the billing information, which many customer did but still getting the error of declined method while updating apps. The iPhone  won’t let update games or download anything it says “verification required please update your billing info “.Even if you update your billing information it will still say payment has been declined. Every time a message pops up saying to “press continue and sign in to view billing information”.

Many users to try switching their payment cards but still no help and the message keep on coming up. This does not seems to be issue with card entered in the appstore. But some issue with Apple software. For some user while adding new card it keeps bringing back to “checking my billing address”. The users are not able to update the card info nor remove it.

Fix 1: update billing information in Apple id

Try updating your billing and shipping info in both AppleID and the App Store first before attempting a purchase. Apple id website->Click “Account info” in Itunes, then click on “Edit at appleid.apple.com” You’ll be redirected to the webpage and you’ll have to create secret questions to protect your account and then you can change your billing info. Sign out of appleid and try to buy on Itunes.

Fix 2: User iTunes to reset billing information

iTunes, open your billing info, and selected “none”- > save without any payment method-> Try to buy music/app, Now you should be able to enter credit card details completely fresh, save and then buy music.

Fix 3: Change payment type

In case you are looking to update or download free apps, in that case you should try changing the payment type to NONE. Go to settings->iTuens&AppStore-> tap Apple ID (view Apple ID)->Tap payment information-> remove your payment information, select none.

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