iPhone system taking too much space on iOS 11, know why!

iPhone system taking too much space on iOS 11, know why! | Android Tips

Many iPhone users are finding that after upgrading their iPhone to iOS and checking memory usage in iPhone shows system is taking most of the memory available of iPhone. And it seems that iPhone system memory is growing too fast unnecessarily. Almost all iPhone models like iPhne 6s/7plus are reported with this issue. Even the issue is reported with latest iPhone X and iPhone 8 where user upgraded from iPhone 7 and found issue with iPhone X that system is taking too high system space like 23GB out of 64GB.

The system storage seems to be taken very high in iOS 11 like for some users it shows it as 13GB of space is taken by system storage out of total 32 GB or 64g phone is showing system is taking 42g of storage.  This does not seem to be normal use of memory by iPhone system. Not only iPhone but iPad Air 2 is also affected by this iPhone system high usage issue. The system file setting keeps on growing for multiple reasons like taking photos, running social networking apps like facebook, whatsapp, weather apps and location services.

Until Apple release a permanent fix for the issue please check if below solutions/workarounds fix the iphone growing system space issue:

Fix 1: Reset all setting and reload the backup

You should try to set the iPhone back to a new phone then restore from backup. Go to settings / general / Reset / Erase all Content and Settings.  Restore from backup – so make sure you have a backup before doing the above.  Or you may take a backup in iCloud as  well. After doing this system usage should come down to normal.

Fix 2: Keep closing background app

Keep closing all the apps and background refresh: It is recommended to close all apps frequently and don’t let them run in background. Turn off background refresh off for apps in settings. This may help you to get a stable system usage.

Fix 3: Update to latest iOS release

As this is cleary a bug from Apple iOS 11, it is recommended to upgrade to latest iOS version to get permanent fix from Apple.
Hopefully Apple will release a fix for this at the earliest possible as the issue is affecting many users and creating many trouble for iPhone and iPad users.

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