iPhone How to check if a blocked number has called me!

Apple has provided do not disturb feature from long time ago. Many iPhone user user have found do not disturn issue very helpful and uses this feature very frequently to avoid unnecessary calls. But sometimes it becomes intesting for many user to know how many time did blocked user called. Or user wish to see call log of blocked users. Also, what does the blocked caller hear? Does it ring? Does it go to Voice Mail? What happens?

Is there any way to check in Phone if any blocked number called me :          

For every blocked caller, the answer is generally NO, but If they left a voicemail you would access it the same way as any other voicemail from any caller who was not blocked. Any text messages wouldn’t have been delivered to you. If they left you a voicemail, it should be in the deleted folder in Voice Mail. If they did not, no, there’s no way to know which among blocked caller called you. The idea behind the blocking function is that you don’t want to hear from the person. If you don’t want to talk to them but do want to know if they’ve called, assign them a silent ringtone instead of blocking them.

Eg to check in iPhone7+ and under the VM column in your phone you will see “blocked messages “ you can see there if someone you have blocked has called and you can listen to their message as well.

But still you want to get details of all blocked callers check your cell phone bill, though. Most carriers let you view detailed billing online.

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