iPhone change snooze time alarm in iOS11

Apple is coming up with many latest feature in their latest iPhone like in iPhone X , offer FaceID, OLED screen, Wireless charging etc but many iPhone users are looking for a way by which they can change snooze time according to their comfort. And are wasting a lot of times trying to figure out how to set the duration for alarm clock snooze. But not able to change the snooze time of iPhone alarm. Unfortunately the answer is there is no option provided by Apple to change or set snooze time in any iPhone model.  


Even on the latest software iOS 11 and iPhone X, iPhone 8 it’s a very common query that many iPhone users raise that how can i change snooze duration for alarm in IOS 11”.  If you wish to let Apple know you would like to see a change implemented to add customizable snooze timer, then we need to use the feedback link provided by Apple (http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html ).

As mentioned there is no setting for changing the snooze time for the native clock alarm app, however there are few Clock apps available on Appstore you can find with snooze time settings. Below are the recommended apps for editable snooze timer option:

1.       Alarm Clock – My Music Alarms

Download here: 

Hopefully Apple will soon comeup with option to change snooze time as many Android phones offer.

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