iPhone 8 not showing missed calls in recent logs [Fix]

Many iPhone 6/7/8 plus users are facing issue in iPhone call history that calls log is not updating. iPhone won’t show recent missed calls or even no call logs/ outgoing calls,  It’s quite annoying for iPhone users as it may be important calls you have missed but can’t be seen over iPhone in call history. One user reported the issue as :

Unfortunately I encounter the same issue with my phone. Notifications are all checked and I have the latest iOS on my phone (11.2.1). And there is no information of any phone call in Recent.”

i just got a call, and when I immidiately went to check the number in missed calls, i couldn’t find it, like i never got the call, wtf, someone please help!”

The issue is majorly reported to start when users upgraded iPhones to latest iOS 11 ( 11.3) versions and call logs not updating after that. The iPhone is not logging all or missed call. To solve the issue user have done everything force restarting the iPhone and even a iTunes restore with no results.

Please try below steps to check if they help to fix missing call logs in iPhone 8 :

Fix 1: Clear call history and reset

First clear all call history of iPhone. Open call logs-> “Recents”-> and then the “All” tab-> “Edit” -> “Clear” button in the upper left. Now hard reset your iPhone and check if that fixes the missed log in call history.

Fix 2: Use FaceTime to reset call history

This may not make a direct relation but for many users after making a FaceTime call the call history seems to working fine in the iPhone. You should also try the same.

Fix 3: Log out from other Apple devices

In case you have logged into other Apple devices like iPad, try to test the issue while logging out from other devices than iPhone.

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