iOS 11.4 Message in iCloud– issues, bugs, problems and fixes

Apple has finally introduced Messages in iCloud backup feature with the release of its latest iOS 11.4. It was much awaited features by many iPhone X and other Apple device users. Now your message either iMessage or messages will be stored in cloud space and will be accessible across all Apple devices. This will sync deleted/new messages and threads across all your iCloud devices, easy migrating to new iPhone as messages will be downloaded from iCloud, small backups and specially saving memory space in iPhone. By default this feature is off after the upgrade in iOS 11.4 and you will have to turn it ON from your icloud setting for message.

The feature is really useful but many iPhone users are facing different issue with messages saving in iCloud. This is not a good sign to Apple as the any issue in message/imessage will make customer really annoying.

There are too many issues with message in iCloud in iOS 11.4, Causing iMessage to send/revert to text sporadically, messages don’t send to non iMessage people sometimes. Downloading messages notification is still going. You may receive failures but then people are really getting them. It does nor seems to reliable at this stage.

Below are some list of issue which are reported by iPhone/iPad users

-Deleting a message can delete entire thread on other device

Deleting an entire message thread works fine across iOS devices. But, if go into a message thread and try to delete a single message from the conversation (tap and hold a message, click “More”, select the inpidual message, and click delete), it works on the device in use, but deletes the entire message thread from my other iOS devices.

Also on more issue with deletes operation on icloud over iOS 11.4 is, if I delete a single thread I get warned about it deleting everywhere. If I select multiple threads, I never get warned when deleting them.

Will continuously take iCloud space

Storing the messages in the cloud would make my iPhone/iPad storage go down and but at the same time iCloud storage go up. If you text a lot and have limited iCloud size eg 5GB , you may very soon run out of iCloud storage.

 -My messages keep saying “downloading from iCloud”

For many users the downloading of message is not happening fast and keeps on saying for days   “downloading from iCloud”. When it’s doing that, messages app gets slow/sluggish and buggy. Syncing happens “immediately” assuming the device has an internet connection, WiFi and charging in order for it to sync.

– message even sync when setting are off

Some users are facing weird bug that after getting too many issues in Messages they decided to turn off the feature from settings but, turning it off, unfortunately it’s still trying to upload after that.

-iOS 11.4 iCloud message causing message to arrive on one device only

While for some customer are facing issue that message are not getting receivedon iPhone while iPad is receiving the messages fine. .

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