iOS 11.4 /11.3 Screen auto brightness not working/low in iPhone

iOS 11.4 /11.3 Screen auto brightness not working/low in iPhone | Android Tips

After installing the latest iOS 11.4 many iPhone X/8/7 users are complaining that they cannot get the screen brightness auto increased to enough level to read from iPhone screen outside in the sunlight. Not only in sunlight the lights are poor but also in case of shades as well it becomes difficult to read out on iPhone as the auto brightness is nor working after upgrade to iOS 11.4. There was no issue found with previous version of iOS with the same iPhone, but the auto brightness issue started only with iOS 11.4. Surely the issue is with latest iOS released by Apple which has created some trouble with brightness settings.

One user reported this as “I’m facing the same problem brightness with iPhone X and iOS 11.4 is not being adjust automatically according to intensity of light, I’ve to set it manually each time.”

Every time the user will have to set the brightness level manually.  But even when the level is turned to max and then 2-3 minutes later it happens again and screen losses its brightness. It’s difficult to guess what is causing brightness to go low. To fix the issue of low brightness in iPhone with iOS 11.4, please try below solutions:

Fix 1: Toggle auto brightness

 General/Accessibility/Display Accommodations- turn on or off auto brightness.

Also in  new iOS 11 the brightness settings have moved to new place, with update, the setting was moved from settings>general>accessibility>display accommodations to

settings>general>accessibility>magnifier. Please check there as well that the auto brightness is set.

Fix 2: Zoom filter settings

For some users the issue is fixed by changing below settings: General > Accessibility > Zoom > Zoom Filter set to “None”

Fix 3: Hard reset/ reset all settings

Try hard resetting your device and see if it works, if no, you can reset the device (please make sure take  backup of iPhone before this): Tap Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.

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