iOS 11.3 Screen recording mute or stops the background music

iOS 11.3 Screen recording mute or stops the background music | Android Tips

Apple have released screen recording feature in iOS11 for iPhone X and other models (iPhone 8/7/6/5). The screen recording feature is very popular and iPhone users have liked it a lot. But after upgrading to latest iOS11.3 many users are finding that the music running in iPhone becomes mute as soon as the screen recording starts. This is very annoying for some users as they wish to record the screen with the music of sound in the iPhone.

This seems like a issue to many iPhone users as this was not happening with previous updates of iOS11. But with iOS 11.3 screen recording does not record the background music or sound but rather mutes the sound until the screen recording is going on in the iPhone.

But this may surprise to many iPhone users that this is not an issue in iPhone or iOS11.3 but rather releases as a feature in iOS 11.3. However many iPhone user may not like it as many users only time used screen record is when there’s music playing. In case you do not like this feature you can log a bug report in Apple support.

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