How to fix whatsapp not showing contact names but number on iPhone X/8/7/6s

How to fix whatsapp not showing contact names but number on iPhone X/8/7/6s | Android Tips

Many iPhone 7/6s users including iPhone X are complaining about the issue where whatsapp is not showing contact number but rather shows only contact number. The whatsapp stopped showing the contact names after installing the latest iOS 11.3 and iOS 11.4.  This is very weird that some of the contacts show as numbers although they’re correctly loaded in phone’s phonebook as it seems that whatsapp have lost few contact name from its database. The issue is not reported with all contacts but with only few contacts. For few customers only one contact name is not showing in whatsapp.

Many WhatsApp users feedback that the WhatsApp contact name disappeared, or they can’t see WhatsApp contacts from outlook or other exchange account after installing the latest iOS 11.3. But those contacts are still in Apple contacts app.

It’s quite certain that this issue is caused by some changes in the iOS 11.3 and causing whatsapp contacts to not to load properly with names. Users have tried to refresh whatsapp contacts on iphone or verifying whatsapp access to contacts in settings, but there is no help from there as well and whatsapp notification is not showing name.

Fix 1: Add the contact or update the number to correct format

Since whatsapp is not showing names for few contacts, you can work on those contacts inpidually. Open whatsapp, tap the number of the contact (facing issue) on top of screen, then either create new contact or (if its already a contact) add to existing. If you are adding to existing, copy and paste the mobile number you are seeing on whatsapp into phone number while deleting the older one. (Please make sure it is in the international format or the one you are seeing in whatsapp). Now the contact name should appear fine in whatsapp.

Fix 2: Try Whatsapp recommendation

Whatsapp have also released its troubleshooting for -seeing numbers instead of contacts’ names.

If your contacts’ numbers are shown instead of their names, you may need to reset the WhatsApp sync with your contacts. Here is how:

1- Open your phone’s Settings app > Accounts > WhatsApp.

2 -In the new screen, tap WhatsApp again > Menu Button > Remove account.

3 -Open WhatsApp > Contacts > Menu Button > Refresh.

Fix 3: Make sure contacts are accessible to whatsapp

If only newly added contacts are showing this issue, Go to Settings -> Privacy-> Contacts , make sure whatsapp setting is ON to read the contacts. If it is off the whatsapp cannot read the contacts of your iPhone and will show only contact number rather than contact name.

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