Google Apps Highlights – 12/16/2011

This is role of a regular serial of Google Apps updates that nosotros post every duet of weeks. Look for the label “Google Apps highlights” together with subscribe to the series. – Ed.

The elves got an early on throttle on the holidays this twelvemonth yesteryear leaving us about surprises inwards Google Apps over the terminal few weeks. Sharing from Gmail got a whole lot easier, together with Google Calendar tin brand ameliorate utilisation of precious covert space. We besides own got 10 novel Google Apps client stories to portion from the tens of thousands that own got gone Google inwards recent weeks.

Gmail gets to a greater extent than social
Last calendar week nosotros sprinkled a touching on of Google+ into Gmail, making it easier to connect together with portion alongside people from your inbox. You tin add together people to circles correct from an e-mail thread through Gmail’s people widget, portion photograph attachments alongside friends together with identify unit of measurement on Google+ without leaving Gmail, together with persuasion a filtered version of your inbox exclusively showing messages from people inwards your circles. We besides improved Gmail’s address mass yesteryear incorporating contact data shared yesteryear your friends, identify unit of measurement together with colleagues inwards their Google+ profiles.

New features inwards the Gmail iOS app
Just yesterday nosotros added several novel improvements to the Gmail app for iOS 4+. Now you lot tin ready a custom e-mail signature for mobile messages, produce out your opor-garai responder, together with persuasion nested labels from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. We besides added scribbles, a fun means to spice upward messages yesteryear adding a quick hand-drawn sketch. You tin produce scribbles using a gain of colors, brush sizes, lines, erasers together with spray paints from your touchscreen device.

More gratuitous calls correct from Gmail
Last twelvemonth nosotros introduced gratuitous domestic calling inwards Gmail inside the the States together with Canada, together with we’re extending this gratuitous service for the whole twelvemonth of 2012. We’re happy to deal you lot give-up the ghost along inwards touching on alongside those particular people inwards your life, for free.

Hide morn together with nighttime hours inwards Calendar
If you lot don’t oftentimes own got appointments early on inwards the morn or belatedly at night, a novel fox inwards Google Calendar mightiness endure useful. Now you lot tin hide morn together with nighttime hours, leaving to a greater extent than covert existent estate for the times of twenty-four hr catamenia when nearly of your events own got place. Give it a own inwards Calendar Labs.

Who’s gone Google?
Businesses together with schools are switching to Google Apps inwards droves these days. From tiny startups to large enterprises together with nonprofits to college campuses, nosotros honey hearing the inspiring stories that our customers share. Here’s a novel batch of stories for your reading pleasure: TripIt, IPSEN, Ebby Halliday, Ticket River, VigLink, HeyZap, The Great Books Foundation, Utah K-12 schools, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy together with UC Santa Cruz. Welcome i together with all!

For to a greater extent than details together with the latest news, cheque out the Google Apps Blog, together with give-up the ghost along an oculus out for this serial hither later the holidays. We launched to a greater extent than than 150 improvements to Google Apps inwards 2011, together with nosotros own got a ton to a greater extent than inwards shop for 2012!


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