Delete Daily Doppler email spam from an iPhone [Fix]

Delete Daily Doppler email spam from an iPhone [Fix] | Android Tips

Many iPhone users including iPhone 7/8 and iPhone X users on iOS11 are facing an issue that they are receiving multiple emails from something called Daily Doppler. You can find the Daily Doppler in your setting but won’t be able to remove Daily Doppler from iPhone. The Daily Doppler is not visible in app list so just can’t simply delete as a normal app.

The email received by users is coming from many different addresses and just one email is sent from many advertisements. Kohls, Sears,  lawn more services, automobile advertisements etc. . They email will keep on coming from these sources and not way to stop them as there’s no return address.

If you search in your iPhone Daily Doppler is visible as an Account and all of the Daily Doppler spam goes into this account. You can check your list of account to confirm (Settings/Accounts & Passwords, look under the ”Accounts” section to see if Daily Doppler (or similar name) is present).

In order to remove the Daily Doppler spam from your iPhone, please note It’s not an app it’s a PROFILE. You should delete it as a Profile from your iPhone. In order to do that follow below steps:

Fix 1: Remove the DailyDoppler app

 1. Open Setting in iPhone->General

3. Select the DailyDoppler

4. Tap “delete profile” at the bottom.

Once done you should not receive any more spamming email on your iPhone.

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