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I honey to discovery local gems that assistance brand a community unique. Sometimes those gems tin give the sack hold upwards or together with thus the corner—like Cafe Borrone, my favorite for Dominicus brunch alongside my family; the nutrient is nifty together with fifty-fifty the Canis familiaris is welcome on their patio. Sometimes I discovery those nifty places when I am on the road—places similar Frank inwards Austin, Texas alongside their epic sausages or Boulevard Coffee inwards Ashland, Ore. which has nifty java together with friendly people. Some of the best things I discovery without fifty-fifty leaving home—like Casa Kids, which designs master children’s article of furniture from their studio inwards Brooklyn, N.Y., or Sticks inwards West Des Moines, Iowa, which sells hand-carved together with hand-painted treasures.

The spider web helps people everywhere discovery the best of what’s or together with thus the basis or or together with thus the corner. Ninety-seven pct of Americans who role the Internet—pretty much all of us—look online for local products together with services. So it should come upwards equally no surprise that the comport on on businesses of beingness online is huge. According to a McKinsey study, pocket-size businesses that brand role of the spider web are growing twice equally fast equally those that aren’t on the web. Just equally businesses that comprehend the spider web grow faster, communities whose businesses comprehend the spider web grow faster equally well.

Given the importance of the spider web inwards growing our local businesses together with our local economies, nosotros worked alongside independent question trouble solid IPSOS to analyze the online strength of local businesses inwards cities together with towns across America. Businesses inwards these communities are embracing the ability of the spider web to discovery novel customers, connect alongside existing ones together with fuel their local economies. Today we’re introducing the eCity Award winners for 2013—the strongest online trouble organization communities inwards each state.

We promise these “digital capitals” are an inspiration to cities together with businesses everywhere of what tin give the sack hold upwards accomplished past times embracing the spider web to grow.

Congratulations to the 2013 eCities of America.


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