Apple maps not working after upgrade to iOS11

Apple maps not working after upgrade to iOS11 | Android Tips

Many iPhone users after upgrading to iOS11 are facing issue with Apple maps and even with Google maps. iPhone is not able to report the correct location of user. The users updated iPhone to the most recent iOS 11 update, and ever since then my Apple and Google maps have not been working properly.  First the location is not correct, then even if you do not move, the location keeps changing to random places. Apple maps are not working after upgrade to iOS11.

The issue even reported with Apple latest flagship phones iPhone X and iPhone 8 with iOS 11 where iPhone maps are not working correctly at all. Even the iPad and older iPhone model like iPhone 7/6/5 are also reported to be affected with this GPS issue. It seems that GPS is not working in iPhone after upgrade to iOS11. Even on latest release of iOS 11.2.6 the GPS issue is reported.

The issue is very annoying and is putting many users in trouble as many apps which rely on maps are not workable eg  booking a Uber cab, or delivering an order etc.

There are no updates from the Apple on the issue, however there are few possible fixes listed below that you may try to fix the iPhone maps nor working issue:

How to Fix Apple maps not working :

Fix 1: Update all apps using the maps

It is strongly recommended that after you upgrade your iPhone to latest iOS11, you should update your apps also. So update the maps app, google maps app, Uber apps or other similar apps from Appstore. This seems to fix the issue for many users.

Fix 2:  Reset Network setting

It is possible that after the upgrade to iOS 11 your iPhone network setting might become unstable. So Reset network settings. You can also contact your carrier provider and inquire about network updates when u call, tell them to refresh your network service.

Fix 3 : Let iPhone adjust itself

Put an address on iphone and let it work it may not finding my location initially but you should leave it about 20 min it may start working fine after that.

Fix 4: Make Sure the Location Services and mobile data are Enabled for maps

Make sure that necessary access related to location and mobile data services are given to maps. To check that open setting and search for the maps app and check if mobile data permission is given to apps. Similarly for check location settings. Just go to Settings app > Privacy > Location Services and turn it on > scroll down and tap Maps > choose While Using the App to enable the location service for Maps app.

Fix 5: Reset all settings:

Make sure to take backup of your iPhone before trying this.Please go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. This should certainly solve the problem of erratic GPS.

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